Are you a vendor, distributor, reseller or value add provider?
We offer a number of solutions that our expert consultancy team can help you deliver.

Design and Delivery of any systems are critical to all businesses. Ensuring you get it right first time, every time is crucial for you to develop. We understand this and to help you deliver the right solution to the right customer, we offer partnership solutions for every project you are working on. Regardless of if you are a vendor, distributor, reseller or providing other value adding services, we strongly believe we will be able to help provide better solutions to your customers.

We pride ourselves on building solid foundations with all our partners to ensure a great working relationship. From design to delivery and everything in between, we will be able to support you using our wealth of experience and accreditations.

We have already worked with some of the UK and Europe’s leading resellers working on multiple projects from 10 – 35,000 seat desktop deployments and everything in-between. Through our experience, we ensure our solutions are robust on any scale. We also currently host our own hosted platform which has enabled us to build the most robust systems which we deliver to a number of partners and customers across the UK that are already tried and tested. We can also build test / development environments providing you with the tools you need to provide solutions to your customers.

Partnership Delivery Model

We understand that our partners need to have a flexible working relationship when working with us and their customers. To achieve this we offer two primary ways of building upon our relationship which are based on a white label model or the ‘BetterTogether’ model. However, these models are only guides as we can be flexible allowing us to adapt to your needs:

The Whitelabel Model:

Under the Whitelabel model the partner maintains the relationship with the customer. The Partner will provide a brief and also pre-sales information and we will then work together in building the relevant solution. This will then be provided to the partner to discuss with the customer with us providing enablement, fulfilment and post-sales services in the background. All solutions, documentation, communication and even our staff can be white labelled.

The Better Together Model

The ‘Better Togeher’ model works by us jointly working with the customer. We will work in collaboration with you and the customer but always ensure the partner maintains the lead relationship. This model is suited for partners who do not necessarily have the resources to devote to a project, but needs the expertise to deliver a solution to an end customer (especially when an onsite presence is required).