Our trainers fully understand the importance of getting your staff or clients operational without delay. If you are looking to upgrade your existing IT systems/telephony solutions or your company is a provider of IT solutions, then let us help you to keep your installations seamless.  By using experienced trainers rather than an installation engineer we are able to reduce the cost to the client, freeing engineers for more technical roles.

Our multi-faceted training services can be tailored to suit the needs of the client. Let us know your requirements and we will look for a suitable training solution taking the stress out of future rollouts.

Our Training Services

One -2- One Training
When upgrading IT systems, there will always be people who need a little more attention. Everyone’s IT skills differ and that is why PTLTraining provide one-2-one help for those needing extra support. You may feel that all your users will benefit from this training style, if that is the case PTL Trainers will be prepared to deliver.

Group Training
Sometimes users simply need a helping hand, group training is an effective and less time consuming way of training users. At PTLTraining we are happy to provide group training either onsite or at a designated training centre. However, if individual users feel they need extra support, our trainers will be happy to provide this.

Floor Walk Training
Users often have questions that they do not feel comfortable or do not have the time to call through to IT Support Desks. Floor Walking can be very effective in these situations and is normally used after One -2- One or Group Training sessions. In this situation a trainer can be onsite and taking questions on the office floor whilst the IT team deal with any technical issues.

Material Preparation
Most users will not take in all the information given to them in a training session. This can lead to problems when the trainer leaves site. PTLTraining can provide detailed notes and hand-outs for users to refer to when needed. PTLTraining also provides FAQ sheets after training sessions, this gives users a good reference area and can help reduce IT Support calls.

Our Locations

We pride ourselves on not being tied to one specific area. We have provided training services to clients all over the UK as well as several European Countries such as Germany and Switzerland. With easy access to both London Stansted and London Southend Airports we are well placed to offer training services wherever you need. Our trainers have the flexibility to travel and are more than willing to do so. Wherever your business or your clients are based we can guarantee you will receive a quality training service.

To enquire about any of our courses or if you are looking for dedicated/personalised courses, please contact us to discuss.

We regularly update out training courses so there will be more dates to follow soon.